Dot Complicated

(edited on June 30)
Chike Ukaegbu, a founder of startup52 and a caretaker of all of us, will be interviewed by Randi Zuckerberg (former FB spokesperson and Head of Market Development, a sister to Mark Zuckerberg) on her show, Dot Complicated tomorrow and I am invited, too!  Catch that on SiriusXM channel 111 at 12pmEST/9amPST.

(edited on June 30)
Very very luckily, I could squeeze myself in the radio booth. The booth was packed as Randi Zuckerberg said that’s the first time people had to be standing there.

The talk show itself was fun, informative and inspiring but most amazing for me was the woman, Randi Zuckerberg. She was very very well prepared, organized and professional (of course, no surprising!), besides, she could make people work comfortably with her (yes, this was surprising!). The clarity of her speech and her friendly tone made us all feel relaxed yet focused, things went as smooth as water. I have seen many smart, successful women before in the U.S. or in Japan but she was way different from anyone.

I was truly privileged to have this opportunity.

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