Brand Entrepreneurs Business Boot Camp

It was a real boot camp and I got exhausted. Starting 9am, means we needed to show up to register around 8:30am and it ended at 5pm followed by mixer & networking. This all-day event was packed with over 20 workshops and panel discussions. And this was Saturday.


I am talking about NYC Annual Boot Camp organized by Brand Entrepreneurs. This was a free event invited 100 startup founders and 30 speakers, investors, press representatives, and influencers. Luckily, I was accepted as one of the 100 founders from over 360 applications.

In short, it was a great event. I could learn a lot of hacks on customer acquisition, fund raising, press/media/marketing, branding and more of that a startup founder must know, and I could also meet a number of people I could not meet without luck or “warm introduction” which is, for many startup founders, more rare than a Ditto.

I have met the hosts, Einstein and Christine Ntim before this event because they regularly visit startup52 as mentors. So I knew they are wonderful persons but I was still really moved when Einstein surprised his wife with a bunch of flowers at the end of this long day. Lovely.


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