“lesson or blessing”

August 3rd was a big day for me and all Startup52 peers. We had Woman Color Tech event at Microsoft Technology Center, Times Square. The venue became really full, we had more than 200 people including media, investors and entrepreneurs.

The fireside chat by two powerful women Ms. Carla Harris and Ms. Gilda Barabino with Chike Ukaegbuwas (the founder of Startup52 and our caretaker) was very inspiring.

Ms. Barabino’s words “push back on the myths, create your own narrative, myths are just convenient excuses to be exclusive” sound so convincing as we know that she is the first African American and a female student admitted to Rice University to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. She must have pushed so many myths off.

Co-founder and CTO of qeep.ai Matthias Denecke talking with Ms. Barabino, Dean at The City College of New York.

And the words of Ms. Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and Chair of the National Women’s Business Council appointed by President Obama, was so powerful that almost shocking to me. She talked with humor, confidently and intimately, and said “when you try something for the first time, you get either the blessing or the lesson. Both are valuable.”

And, this was my first time pitch ever in public. I was rather over practiced, which was mentioned to be not-good at the panel discussion.


I got a lot of feedback, questions, suggestions and critical reviews and all are much appreciated. Especially if you are one of the judges who gave a feedback form filled, thank you so much.

Next big day will be September 7, the ending of Startup52 accelerator program and the demo day. The location is not decided, I will loudly announce when set so please follow our twitter @PR_QeeP.

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