The Demo Day

To finish up the sleepless 12 weeks, we finally had the demo day on September 7.


Every pitch was even better than yesterday’s rehearsal and incomparably better than 12 weeks ago. This accelerator program, startup 52 ( ), definitely gave us a leap and we got a bunch of fruitful achievements including a big warm network, improved skills, more elaborate strategies and resources.


More specifically for us, we have a few VC who are interested in us and gave us specific criteria to go forward, a pilot candidate, mentors who help us with sales, marketing, legal/IP issue. Our pitch and deck were improved and I feel much more comfortable to give a presentation in public. Also Matthew Nacier joined us as a strategy director.

So, we became stronger and ready to scale. Currently we are in the middle of customer development and looking for a pilot candidate. Any business who are considering to improve mechanical work efficiency, safety and precision by introducing an intelligegnt interactive technical manual with a smart speech interface, please contact.

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