“Expert of nothing”

I, as a founder of a startup company and the CEO, often look for some readings that can inspire me, encourage me and make me feel positive. And this is my recent good-find.

“Expert of nothing”, a blog post by Joel Cascoigne, a co-founder and CEO at Buffer.

as a founder, especially the CEO, you essentially have chosen to never become an expert of anything.

How affirmative!

When I decided to go into a startup business, it was about 12 years ago in Japan. My husband Matthias was working at a Japanese telecommunication company as a post-doc researcher and started considering become independent. I was working at a automotive company as a marketing research assistant, and honestly and embarrassingly, I have to admit that I said “sure” to his suggestion to start a startup together without thinking much. Even without researching much. I just liked that sounded like a challenging team work. I was so young, so in love, you can say.

Our first startup company, Agilingua, was founded in 2006 and released the first product in 2007. Matthias has worked for development and I worked for customer acquisition, website building and maintenance, networking, marketing, PR and all other things a non-coding startup founder must do. And I always felt that “I am not as good as I am supposed to be”. Supposed to be. What did it actually mean?

I now know that I compared myself with a person I met and was impressed by. And I did not have to. I did not have to know html, CSS and JavaScript as well as a web developer, I just need to be able to update contents, and maybe change images. I did not have to know all the marketing jargon like a MBA graduate, I just need to learn it when encounter. The truth is that I need to be good enough at many things to achieve a goal.

So today I am working to improve my pitch deck and refine a story along with it, saying myself “hey this does not have to be as good as Stive Jobs’s. This just have to be good enough to make someone write a half million dollar check.” Why not?

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