Pitch at Venture Crush FGX

There was a big networking event by Venture crush last week, it served wine, steamed dumplings and macaron. But this is rather a pitch event helps connecting startups with investors.


Here I had an opportunity to give a 4-minutes pitch in front of VC and angel coordinators.


This is the pitch deck I used.

You know, a pitch is just like a package with a pink ribbon. It should look (actually, sound) nice so that people want to open it. I understand that investors do not have time to read 15 pages of a business plan but I have seen so many “good pitches” with an impracticable plan. Startup founders spend hundreds of hours to make a great deck with right images, right phrases and right graphs. I believe that investors are smart enough not to be fooled but what a waste of time and efforts. Well, I will do my best if this is a part of the game we play but is there anyone who can solve this problem better than slidebean?

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