Turkey to work on

The big day is just around the corner, yes, Thanksgiving is the big day for all of us but it is especially so for the people who actually tackles a turkey in a kitchen.

I found an interesting statistics on a Huffington Post article saying that 14 million Americans are estimated to dine out for Thanksgiving (Restaurants On Thanksgiving: 14 Million Expected To Dine Out This Year). 14 million sounds a lot, but it is actually a little more than 4% of the U.S. population. Well, there still are hundreds of millions of people who will enjoyhome made turkey dinner.

There are so many helpful cooking apps, recipe sites and food magazines (online or printed) available and those are rather overwhelming. However, while we work on this heavily hands-busy job, none of them helps us without disturbance of clicking, tapping, flipping or scrolling up and down! What is more annoying than quickly wiping greasy fingers to tap a screen it just turned to sleep? I believe that a cooking app will be empowered with a smart hands-free interface in the near future. I really have no doubt about that. The question is who will be the first and when. qeep team is working so hard to be the first mover.

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