The point (often) overlooked about AI

There was a free business boot camp organized by Brand Entrepreneurs focusing on IoT and AI on December 5.

As always, their speech and slides are full of resources and information. They make their slides available to everyone.
2016 Business Bootcamps
How generous! This is a really powerful tool for any startup founder.

Regarding AI, I god an impression that they believe in the huge potential of AI (and IoT) in the tech industries, as they are not alone to think so.

Forrester Predicts Investment In Artificial Intelligence Will Grow 300% in 2017

simply saying “AI is hot” is just like saying “workout is good”

But, well, as same as a bunch of media articles written about AI, one important point could be overlooked: AI is a sort of a collective term for difference pieces of technology/software. For example, Natural Language Understanding is the one that let a computer to comprehend natural human language and Machine Learning is the one allows it to be self-programmed, for example.

My point is that simply saying “AI is hot” is just like saying “workout is good”. For building your workout routine, you need to know whether you want yoga or kickboxing or whatever. Likewise when looking for a technology to support boosting your business or as an investment opportunity, you need to know which type of AI is coming and new, or which one will have a disruptive impact to a market. is supported by three types of AI; Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Machine Learning and Dialogue Management. NLU became a buzzword when it came on Siri. My goal of 2017 is make Dialogue Management a buzzword. I will write another post about this shortly.

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