Okay, OKR

After all the gift wrapping, cakes, cards and spending time on instagram to watch cats on a decorated tree, the year of 2016 ended and the new year has come. I am looking back the year 2016 and trying to build a plan for 2017.

Probably one of the best techniques for planning and setting goals for a startup founder is OKR (Objects, Key Results). This also helps us let others in our team know what you do, what you are supposed to do and how well you do.

How Google sets goals: OKRs (watch the movie on this page, it is long but I personally think this is the best resource to have a good understanding of OKR)

The Basics of OKR – Google’s Secret Sauce

You can find a bunch of OKR templates on internet and you can even hand write it. One suggestion I would love to give is to add one sentence after set key results saying “by (time), I would like to …”. Here is an example.

My PR and Branding objective in 2017:
Establish a company brand and get known.
KR1 5 major media write about qeep.
KR2 Join 10 AI/speech related groups
KR3 Get invited to join a panel discussion or make a speech about AI.
By December, I would like to …
see the word “dialogue management” being a buzzword.

This helps to visualize how things would look like when goals are achieved. When you write OKR for the year, you can break it down to a quarter, then a month. We need to be able to imagine and visualize how we would look like when we succeed otherwise the plan does not connect with our everyday life.

Personally I would love to have a healthier eating habit and regular workout…but found this video. Well, second thought.

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