Venture Crush AV

Honestly, I do not enjoy going to an event for networking purpose, I always envy a person who looks comfortable and confident to talk to new people.
But anyway I go to events. An event like Venture Crush AV on November 10 makes me feel a bit more comfortable because it serves wine… it makes people talk more casually and friendly.

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Live Q/A Entrepreneurship by Christine S Ntim

It was this summer when I met Christine first time, she was a guest speaker invited to Startup52, an accelerator program we were in. She was incredibly powerful, incredibly generous to share hacks and tips she learned through her own startup experience, her speech was very much to-the-point and easy to understand even when the topic was conceptional. Immediately after her speech I walked to her and asked to be our advisor, which I do not usually do. Well, her answer was no, I knew she is one of the the busiest persons in the world.

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